How much should I pay for accounting?
Use this calculator to set monthly accounting budget for your company.
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There are 2 primary reasons for doing accounting:
A. Compliance - to make sure we can file a proper tax return at year-end without being audited
B. Strategy - to understand what's working and not working in our business and how to WIN

Do you take deposits from your customer?

How do you account for the deposit balance?

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Your budget for accounting should be ${{var_score}}/ month.

Use this number as a baseline when shopping for resources to help take care of your accounting needs. By identifying the specifics of your desired outputs, you'll have a much more productive conversation with your expert provider.

Another good baseline to use is an in-house option. Right now, a new graduate hire with an accounting degree will cost around
$48,000 a year
(including 20% taxes/vacation/overhead, excluding efforts to manage them)
You don't need to worry about accounting just yet.

Hey! We are stoked that you are already thinking ahead and getting your financials in order! Smart move.

However, we don't want you to waste time focusing on the wrong stuff. At your stage of business, we'd recommend that you focus most of your time and money on sales & marketing then just be compliant on the accounting end. 

Still want to be smart about your accounting? Here are a few action steps:
1. Separating your business and personal money (meaning separate bank and credit card accounts!)
2. Have someone who knows what they are doing set you up on awesome tools like Xero and start using it to track your ins and out
3. If you want, you can opt in on a quarterly consulting session with an expert to review your numbers to make sure things are not out of wack! (budget around $600/mo for this)

That's it! Otherwise, save your hard earned money and spend it to generate more. Good luck~
Brilliant!  Compliance driven bookkeeping can be done for as little as
$500 / month

You should reach out to a traditional CPA firm who'd bundle this service with their tax preparation service for maximum effectiveness.